About Podcasts

Podcasts is a new music for me. Most of the podcasts I listen to are about IT and the topics around it. In this article I will list my favourite ones, hope you find something interesting and new for yourself.

On my commute, on a run, or at the gym, I most of the time listen to podcasts about software engineering and IT. My favorites are those that have a form of long interviews (I usually use 1.3-1.4 playback speed though). It is just so amazing that there is a simple way of listening to talented engineers from different domains and, just by doing that, getting better at understanding how does software and companies works.

Oftentimes I listen to an episode and find the discussed topics extremely interesting and, moreover, applicable to what I am working on at the moment. Therefore there are often a lot of follow-up learnings. This is how I came up with an idea to write my thoughts (aka "reviews") on the podcasts episodes which I liked the most.

Before the actual first "review", I think it would make sense to list and to give a short description of the podcasts I listen to:

1. Software Engineering Daily
What: Simply everything about software engineering. The amazing quality of talks.
Who: Jeff Meyerson.
When: Every work weekday.

2. Data Engineering Podcast
What: About tech in data management domain - data processing, databases, infrastructure, data warehouses, etc.
Who: Tobias Macey.
When: Twice a week.

3. Software Engineering Radio
What: Talks to experts from the software engineering world about the full range of topics.
Who: Volunteers and staff of IEEE Software.
When: Once a week.

4. Coding Blocks
What: High-quality talks in a very informal format - news, various topics, and tips of the week.
Who: Allen Underwood, Joe Zack, Michael Outlaw.
When: Once a week.

5. Talk Python To Me
What: The podcast covers a wide array of Python topics - its ecosystem, tooling, and innovation. The host is a brilliant inspiring interviewer.
Who: Michael Kennedy.
When: Once a week.

6. Podcast.init
What: Podcast about Python ecosystem and various parts of it. I like their motto "The Podcast About Python and the People Who Make It Great".
Who: Tobias Macey (yes, the one from Data Engineering Podcast).
When: Once a week.

7. Podlodka Podcast
What: Русскоязычный подкаст о мире IT и все что с ним связано. Очень крутые гости, я открыл очень много полезного для себя!
Who: Егор Толстой, Стас Цыганов, Екатерина Петрова, Евгений Кателла
When: Еженедельно.

That's it for now. This is the list of podcasts I am following. Btw, as a user of an Android smartphone, I just love the app Podcast Addict and cannot stop recommending it!